A commercial quality golf simulator, at an affordable consumer price.
Almost everyone who has seen one of the top-end golf simulators available today wants one for their home or office! Who wouldn’t? They are fun, convenient and very realistic. But, they are either far too expensive or the low-priced ones do not produce an accurate or authentic representation of a golfer’s true game ... until now ...
SkyTrak Tee-Off Package
Includes SkyTrak, WGT Play & Improve Plan and Protective Case.

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SkyTrak Hole-In-One Package
Includes SkyTrak, WGT Play & Improve Plan, NetReturn Pro Series Net, 6'x6' Professional Hitting Mat and Protective Case.

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Play Golf on Realistic HD Courses
WGT Golf
iOS Compatible

Play realistic championship courses in HD

Stroke play on 10 World Renowned Golf Courses

18 x 9 Closest to the Hole Challenges that test all aspects of your game
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The Golf Club
PC Compatible

Over 92,000 high definition courses

Multi-Player, Stroke Play, Match Play, Fourball

Create your own courses

Live Tournaments
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Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf
PC Compatible

Driving Range

12 coruses with stunning graphics

All courses are geo-located and play is in real time. Real wind, real gusts.
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TruGolf e6
PC Compatible

Driving Range, Target Practice, Chipping Area, and Putting Area.

15 championship course

Time of Day and Weather Conditions, Tee Boxes, Course Elevation, In-Game Practice Modes, Gimmie Distances and Automatic Scoring.
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Practice Like a Pro

SkyTrak, the first personal launch monitor of its kind, is a realistic and real-time golf practice and play system. SkyTrak provides the ability to practice and hit balls with any club in your bag at any time and analyze and display a highly accurate rendering of your ball flight in stunning HD. Why is the SkyTrak so accurate, addictive and so much fun? Because it is not a toy like other golf simulators on the market that do not reflect your real game, your real shot shape, your real distance and real direction. At its heart is a professional quality launch monitor that is so precise that it’s able to reproduce your actual shots with the same accuracy of the top of the line commercial launch monitors that professional golfers use costing up to $20,000 or more. SkyTrak is real golf, that’s addictive, fun and will help you improve your game.

Play Famous Courses at Home

SkyTrak and WGT Golf have teamed up to create the first affordable way for golfers to have a simulated but authentic golf experience at home using their own clubs and balls. By simply hitting balls into a net, the revolutionary SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor captures thousands of data points to deliver commercial quality ball flight simulations that reflect a golfer’s actual performance for game improvement and entertainment at a fraction of the price of comparable alternatives. When combined with the WGT Golf and their championship golf courses delivered in stunningly realistic HD, playing golf at home is just like being on the course.

Commercial Accuracy with a Consumer Price

Providing such realism and authenticity requires two important ingredients. First, you need a launch monitor that can accurately measure ball speed, back spin, side spin and launch angle. Before SkyTrak, this capability was only available in commercial launch monitors costing as much as $20,000. Second, you needed high-quality simulation software that can also cost $10,000 or more. While cheaper versions are available, it’s at the cost of losing authentic replication of a golfer’s actual performance. Now, with the combination of the commercial quality of SkyTrak at a fraction of the cost and WGT Golf, you can have a complete Practice, Play and Entertainment system at home for use anytime rain or shine. And the game you see at home will be the same game you see at the course.

Just Like a Day at the Golf Course

WGT Golf includes two game modes for time and practice flexibility. The Closest-to-the-Hole game challenges golfers with nine different approach shots that are scored in proximity to the pin on WGT’s famous courses. Or, golfers can opt for Full Course Play on courses around the world with the ability to select different tee boxes, course conditions, green speeds and wind conditions. Players will also have the ability to enter tournaments, challenge other golfers, improve their games and work their way up the leaderboard.

SkyTrak: A golf simulator experience like no other!
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