Whether you are a single digit handicap or a mid-30’s handicap, we all hit bad shots. Even the pros hit bad shots so it is nothing to be embarrassed about. But for some reason, people always have an excuse for their bad shot.

Here are the 15 most famous


  1. “The ball moved right before I hit it!” You’re on a flat fairway, chances the ball moved even if it is really windy, are very very slim.
  2. “Damn, I almost clubbed down, I knew it was the wrong club I just didn’t want to walk back to the cart.” When you pulled that 7 iron out of your bag, you were confident you were going to hit it pin high, no need to lie.
  3. “What the hell! The wind picked up right when my ball was at its apex.” Your ball sailed 30 yards right of the green into some thorn bushes, unless you’re playing in a hurricane, your ball isn’t getting pushed around that much.
  4. “Dude why did you talk in my back swing?!?” Relax buddy, you would have chunked that shot no matter what.
  5. “Wow, I haven’t pulled that club out in forever!” That is 99% your own fault, just accept the fact you hit a terrible shot and use it more often, no one cares.
  6. “These greens are lightning fast today!” As your buddy “hits a GIR” when in all actuality he hit the back five yards of the green for 250 out and his 3 wood has so much roll it rolled off. The green could have been rough and it would have rolled off.
  7. “This sand isn’t the same as the sand at my club.” As he hits a bunker shot 25 yards over the green… Into another bunker.
  8. “I put my tee way to low on that one.” A few seconds after hitting a worm burner that barely reaches the fairway. You tee off so many times in a round, you should have a pretty good idea how tall or short to put your tee.
  9. “God, I hate these grips!” What? If your hands are that sweaty, wipe them off. You should be able to hit a golf ball with rawhide grips; they don’t matter that much.
  10. “I was way to close to the ball.” This probably comes from your high handicapper because he doesn’t have a consistent swing or set up, every shot is something different.
  11. “I was aimed so badly!” Well, newsflash, you can move where you’re aiming.
  12. “I mishit that one” This will probably never come out of a high handicapper’s mouth, unless they thin one. But this will probably be the better golfers excuse when he hits a shot he doesn’t like much.
  13. “I lost my grip!” You are taught to not death grip the club, but you have to grip it a little but.
  14. “These new wedges are so heavy!” Probably would have been a great idea to hit the wedges before you spent a large chunk of change of them. Now you have to fill in a crater in the fairway that is your divot.
  15. “These balls suck! Does anybody have a ProV1?!?” Chances are if you are blaming something on a little white piece of urethane, it has to do with a lot other than that.

The excuse train is always rolling on the golf course. And don’t lie, you have used one of these. It is human nature to make an excuse after embarrassing yourself. But instead of excuses, just laugh it off, golf is a game after all. Have some fun.