What’s Considered”Appropriate” Golf Clothes?

As the USGA, R&A propose sweeping changes to the Rules of Golf, what about the rules on golf apparel? More public courses are permitting jeans and pro shops are reporting increased sales of lifestyle apparel versus traditional, “proper golf attire” as still required by many clubs.

Golf Apparel

Goofy Golf Apparel

The LPGA has been stretching the proper attire code for years now with short, shorts and hiked up skorts that actually might show a little something in the stance, if you know what I mean. This week Michelle Wie showed up in Singapore in sleeveless, collarless workout tank tops by Nike. They must have performed well as she topped the leaderboard during the event.

Golf Apparel

LPGA’s Michelle Wie rocking Nike Tank Top (photo credit: lpga.com)

I remember playing at Mission Hills in China wearing a top by Anika back in ’05 that had a faux collar that was not acceptable on the tee, miles from the car where the luggage held alternative shirts. Even though Anika designed one of the Mission Hills courses, her shirt was not permitted and I had to wear my manufacturer’s oversized long sleeve pullover to hide it, which didn’t have a collar either.  Oh well, I had the extraordinary fortune to play and that’s China where many golf courses have been closed by the government, regardless of apparel.

In Thailand I played many rounds in my golf sandals as I usually do in warm climates but in Chang Mai, they were not allowed.  I had to return to the bus and retrieve my pair of shoes from my luggage before play. The young male bus attendant was in his underwear but happily fetched my shoes and socks. Sex is still the biggest industry in Thailand but I could not show my toe cleavage? Now frontal cleavage dominates many golf magazine covers. How will apparel rules change?