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These are the best Golf socks you will ever wear.

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No Shows • LowCuts • Quarters • Crews

Jox Sox are available in a variety of styles and colors for Men, Women, and Kids.

- Originally designed for athletes whose feet take a pounding, they are perfect for anyone who wears socks. Padded only on the bottom, each step you take feels as if you are walking on a cloud, without adding bulk or changing your shoe size.

ULTRA - socks give you the cushioning where you need it, while being ultra thin where you want it.

SUPRA LITE - Specifically designed for runners and cyclists, they are perfect for anyone looking for a sock so thin it feels as if you are wearing nothing at all.

• AirFlow Technology allows air to circulate to your feet

• Advanced Fibers transfer moisture away from your feet keeping them drier + reducing odor.

• Padded Bottoms absorb shock and cushion your every step

• Snug Fit adds support

•  Y shaped heels fit better won't slip

• Smooth Toe Seems reduce irritation

•  No Slip Tops stay in place

Jox Sox®


Cooler. Drier. More Comfortable.