The border is open! Make Canada your next golf destination!
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Fall Itineraries: 4 Days

Add in any additional activities to your current itinerary or try them out as part of your next trip! Visit for more packages at world-class golf courses.

Central Counties Region: 3 Nights, 3 Rounds + Non-Golf Adventure
Play: Osprey Valley, Royal Ashburn, Eagles Nest
Stay: Hampton Inn Bolton
19th Hole: Wonderland, Vaughan Mills, Great Blue Heron Charity Casino, Magnotta Winery, Treetop Trekking

Additional Golf Course Options: Hockley Valley Resort, The Briars Resort, Caledon Country Club

Central Counties Courses
BruceGreySimcoe Region: 3 Nights, 3 Rounds + Non-Golf Adventure
Play: Cobble Beach, Cranberry Resort, Lora Bay or Woodington Lake
Stay: Cranberry Resort, Georgian Bay Resort
19th Hole: Apple Pie Trail, Saints and Sinners Tours, Cycling, Fishing, Hiking

Additional Golf Course Options: Tangle Creek, Monterra, Settler's Ghost, Batteaux Creek

BruceGreySimcoe Courses
The Great Waterway Region: 3 Nights, 3 Rounds + Non-Golf Adventure
Play: Black Bear Ridge, Trillium Wood, Timber Ridge, Bay of Quinte, Upper Canada, Smugglers Glen
Stay: Townplace Suites or Glenhouse Resort
19th Hole: Island Helicopter Ride, Prince Edward County Wine Tours, Dinner and Boat Cruises

Additional Golf Course Options: Loyalist Golf Club, Picton Golf Club

The Great Waterway Courses
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