Summer 2016 Special
FREE 3-D Technology Analysis
Get an MRI of Your Golf Swing
K-Vest 3-D Motion Analysis

How does your body move in your golf swing
and how does your body affect your golf swing?

The 2016 Golf Season is HERE. How was last season? Was It all you wanted it to be? Does your body feel any soreness or pain after 18 holes? Did you get the distance and consistency you were hoping for in 2015?

It's that time of the year. FitGolf Performance Centers is offering you a FREE 3-D Swing Analysis and Body Screening (a $79 value) to help find any specific areas on your body to work on over the golf season.

The K-Vest 3-D technology will measure changes in your posture in your swing. It will also show you how you turn, load, accelerate, and stabilize your body during your swing. This will help you understand where your inconsistencies and power leaks are occurring.

We will explain how this data affects distance, accuracy, power, consistency and pain in your swing.

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